Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My First Post

Well I suppose I should get started.  I have been thinking about my first Fragrance, Jewelry, and Girl Stuff Online Marketing post for a while.  At some point you just have to get started.  Getting started is probably one of the hardest parts of online marketing. 

A little bit about me first, in the past I have sold many different products.  I have sold a line of make-up and skin care, a health juice, adult toys, and other things I just cannot remember right now.  I learned every time I operated a home business.  All of these businesses have been run with varying degrees of success. 

Although I have sold Avon before, this time I was attracted by the variety of items I could share with people.  I have learned over the years that I get bored easily.  I need a variety of things to do and items to sell.  I also wanted products that people would recognize. 

Avon has make-up, skin care, and jewelry.  They have a variety of fragrances in a variety of products from perfumes to lotions to bubble bath.  Avon also has toys, clothing, shoes, and undergarments.  These things and more give me a variety of products to learn about and share with people. 

Avon is also a household name and a brand that has been around a very long time.   Women associate a certain level of quality with Avon.  With catalogs, websites, blogging, and various social media there are a variety of ways to engage people and sell products. 

It is inexpensive to start with Avon too.  For an initial investment of $15.00 access to the online ordering system and you will get your own site.  The catalogs are inexpensive too.  Currently they are $2.68 for 10.  You order them in sets of 10.  This is almost 27 cents apiece. 

If you would like to buy Avon please use my link:

If you would like to sell Avon I would be glad to provide personal assistance:
Sign up at .  Use reference code mylindaelliott .  Pay the $15.00.  You will then   signed up as a new Avon Representative with an online account