Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Avon Campaign 2 2019

Avon Campaign 1 2019 highlights new Espira Hydration. This drink mix is better than water. You get it in individual packs which are easy to carry and use any time for more energy, stamina, and vitality. Espira Hydration has the perfect balance of electrolytes, minerals, energizing Vitamin B, and immune boosting Vitamin C. It also comes in three refreshing flavors: lemon-lime, orange, and berry.

This new energy boosting immune enhancing drink mix supercharges your water to supercharge your health. It has the ideal balance of electrolytes, minerals, and energizing Vitamin B. 

It is so awesome and tastes better than water. Espira Hydration is designed to keep you hydrated and energized without caffine. There are 3 flavors available. 

Espira Hydration is a great tool to help you keep your New Year resolutions. You can and will drink more water with this easy and delicious drink. 

Avon Campaign 2 2019 Brochure is good till January 8, 2019.  You can order in three ways:

By Brochure

By Product Number

In My E-store

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