Saturday, July 17, 2021

Changes... And Statement Walls

I keep wanting to share things that I see.  So I decided to make a few changes to this blog, one of which is to share the articles and good information I see.  

For example statement walls, I love these for zoom calls or for pictures.  

I like really, really need to do one of these.  

There are 10 different ones at A Beautiful Mess here

I hope you enjoy looking and thinking about how you could do this as much as I did.  


Saturday, January 2, 2021

Avon Tips and Tricks: The Importance of Avon Brochures

Since I have started developing a small team I wanted to start posting Avon Tips and Avon Tricks.  This is part of that series of random posts. If you would like to join my team there is more information at the end of this post.  

In the beginning of selling Avon I was having trouble trying to figure out who to give an Avon Brochure during the Avon Campaigns.  It was like they were valuable and a scare resource.   I would order ten at a time and very carefully give them away. I even asked if the customer minded returning them.

Years ago when there were in person sales meetings I went to them every month.  Back then, my DSM was giving us Avon books.  I was greedy and took a box.  One of the ladies from my upline asked me what I planned to do with all those Avon Brochures.  After my being surprised by the question, she started to talk to me about how my brochures were my store. 

I realized that if the Avon Brochures were my store I needed to get them out there so people could shop! The Avon brochure is valuable but it is most valuable when given away.

I still order 70 Avon Brochures each Avon Campaign.  If someone needs two so she can give one to a friend it is no problem.  I throw them in customers driveways call the customer to tell them the book is there.  I freely leave them in all kinds of places.  All socially distanced.  

Example Brochure

Remember your Avon Brochure is your store.  Give them away freely.  Post them often.  

You can order from me in three ways:

By Campaign Book HERE

By My Estore HERE

Or By Product Number HERE

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