Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Avon Brochures

In the beginning of selling Avon I was having trouble trying to figure out who to give an Avon Brochure during the Avon Campaigns.  It was like they were valuable and a scare resource.   I would order ten at a time and very carefully give them away.

I went to an Avon meeting.  My DSM was giving us Avon books.  I was greedy and took a box.  One of the ladies from my upline asked me what I planned to do with all those Avon Brochures.  After my being surprised by the question, she started to talk to me about how my brochures were my store.

I realized that if the Avon Brochures were my store I needed to get them out there so people could shop! The Avon brochure is valuable but it is most valuable when given away.

I am now at the point I order 70 Avon Brochures each Avon Campaign.  If someone needs two so she can give one to a friend it is no problem.  I hand them out freely in all kinds of places.  It works.

Campaign 2 Brochure

If you would like to sell Avon I would be glad to provide personal assistance:

Sign up at .  Use reference code mylindaelliott .  Pay the $15.00.  You will then  be signed up as a new Avon Representative with an online account and website.  

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