Friday, January 17, 2020

True Story

True Story

True Story: I remember going with my mom and dad to what my 5 year old heart thought was a glorious shop. There were all kinds of little girl dresses in my favorite colors yellow and orange!!

I was immediatly heartbroken because I knew my mother would not let me have one of those dresses. You see we had done that battle before. So my 5 year old mind came up with a strategy when my dad asked me which dress I wanted I told him the red one.

At some point dad came back and said mom said no and we needed to come up with a compromise. I fussed that the red dress was my compromise!

Fast forward 50ish years:  "MOM, your lipstick is red. Again."

Me:  "At my age I can wear all the red I want to!"

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